MEGE Targets

More energy, more respect for nature with the aim of increasing capacity every year…

The wells where geothermal fluid is obtained should be managed with high efficiency and the geothermal field without losing its renewability feature as the first day when it was opened to production. This feature is an indispensable condition in terms of ensuring the sustainability of the geothermal reserve area and keeping well productivity constant and high. On the contrary, reservoir management will lose the renewability feature of the country's geothermal resources and this will cause power / energy loss.

In line with the interests of our country, besides the necessity to obtain optimum benefit from local and renewable source GPP facilities and geothermal resources, all of the geothermal spring waters used for various purposes such as energy production and heating must be reinjected to the formation where the fluid is taken.

MB Holding Inc. Menderes Geothermal Elektrik Üretim Inc. using geothermal energy which is environmentally friendly and alternative energy source. As a result of the investments made with today; It produces 500 million kWh of electrical energy annually by applying 100% reinjection. Targets set for this purpose;

  • Ensuring that the existing capacity of the Geothermal Power Plant is converted into electrical energy at the maximum rate,
  • Ensuring continuity and security in energy supply in the electricity market,
  • In addition to following and managing the works that will set an example for the development of the sector, developing new projects by considering energy efficiency,
  • Bringing the geothermal energy potential at the Salavatlı Geothermal Field to the country's economy in a reliable and quality manner without losing the resource's renewability.
  • Strict compliance with sustainable resource management and no compromise from this principle,
  • Targeting the optimum operation of the geothermal field,
  • Supporting the electricity supply security of the country through the use of our natural, clean, renewable, potential energy storage natural geothermal energy resources,

There is an effort to establish a geothermal energy policy in the sectoral sense. The use of geothermal energy should be encouraged. Investments to be made should be planned as integrated facilities where geothermal energy will be used as much as possible. The potential of geothermal fields should be determined precisely and the capacities of the plants should be gradually increased accordingly, and attention should be paid to ensure that the projects to be developed are intended for integrated use under conditions of feasibility. In order to prevent our country resources from being destroyed, reinjection must be carried out and kept under constant control.

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