MEGE Sustainable Geothermal Energy

Protect your plant, source and future! In order not to lose the renewability feature of geothermal fields, all of the fluid produced must be pressed back to reinjection wells...

Geothermal energy is a renewable, sustainable, inexhaustible, cheap, reliable, environmentally friendly, domestic and green energy source. Hot water sources are found in the fault lines in the world, in the immediate vicinity of extinct or active volcanoes or in the depths of the earth. The biggest advantage of geothermal source is that there is no external dependence in geothermal energy.

The use of geothermal energy, which is the most valuable of renewable energy sources, instead of fossil fuels, reduces the greenhouse gas emissions. In order to ensure the re-feeding of the reservoir in terms of the continuity of the geothermal fluid, reinjection must be applied. In this way, the reservoir will be protected more effectively. All activities must be carried out by adhering to the ethical rules and by complying with applicable laws and regulations. Changes in production and reinjection wells in geothermal fields and the responses of the site to this cycle should be monitored and evaluated continuously.

Due to the unconscious applications in the geothermal sector in the past period, the lack of importance is given to reinjection in some fields and the activities of non-specialists in these areas caused the misinterpretation and evaluation of the geothermal resource. In some sites, the environment is polluted, in some, the reservoir is adversely affected and the country's resources are damaged. In some areas, geothermal resources have reached the point of losing their renewability feature. It is a must to use geothermal energy effectively and efficiently.

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