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Turkey's first private Dora-1 Geothermal Power Plant has found new life with us. And of course Dora-2, Dora-3 and Dora-4 ...

Menderes Geothermal Elektrik Üretim Inc., headquartered in Aydın. It was established in 1999. The Company was established in the “Salavatlı Geothermal Field” for the purpose of producing electrical energy from geothermal energy; It is an investment company that meets the electricity needs of the electricity market, which has been liberalized under the Electricity Market Law No. 4628.

“Turkey's first private sector investment in geothermal power plants "a source of pride for MB Holding with the peculiarity of 8.5 MWe DORA-1 JES (Geothermal Power Plant) has started production in May 2006. Following the commissioning of the Dora-1 facility, a total of 70 MWe installed power capacity in the Salavatlı Geothermal Field has been reached with 5 geothermal power plant units that have been put into operation gradually by systematic and continuous geothermal reservoir observation in the geothermal field. As of today, Menderes Geothermal Elektrik Üretim Inc. with the use of environmentally friendly, renewable energy geothermal. Electricity energy with a total capacity of 74 MWe is instantly transferred to the national grid at the Dora-1, Dora-2, Dora-3A, Dora-3B and Dora-4 GPP facilities, where electricity production is continuing.

Our facilities; It has been designed and built in the air cooled Binary System - Organic Rankine Cycle system, which is applied in 35 countries around the world, using the technology of electrical energy from geothermal energy most widely, and the latest technology in the field. The geothermal fluid at the temperature of 170 ° C - 160 ° C, obtained from the production wells drilled in our Salavatlı Geothermal Field by our company; Heat energy between 160 ° C and 70 ° C is used for the purpose of producing electricity. The geothermal fluid is passed through heat exchangers for heat transfer for the production of electrical energy and the heat energy of the geothermal fluid is transferred to the secondary fluid, N-pentane.

The secondary fluid, which has high evaporation pressure at low temperatures, rotates the pentane turbine with its high pressure and electrical energy is generated through the generator. When it reaches the evaporating pentane turbine, it produces rotating shaft power by the conversion of the kinetic energy gained by the expansion of the pentane. Pressurized pentane vapor, whose energy is converted in pentane turbines, is directed to the air-cooled condenser and liquefies in this area. Liquefied pentane is pumped back to the pre-heat exchangers. The heat exchange of pentane at both levels is a closed cycle and is completely independent of each other. Pentane is closed circuit and leak proof during the production of electrical energy in the facility. At the end of the process, geothermal fluid with temperature down to 70 ° C is pressed back to the reservoir with reinjection wells. In this way, the protection of the reservoir parameters and the continuity of the source are provided. The waste heat obtained after generating electrical energy is used for the heating of the greenhouse in our integrated greenhouse facilities.

Since 100% reinjection is applied in our facilities whose investment is completed, there is absolutely no environmental pollution and the geothermal fluid is pressed back to the reservoir as a closed circuit without opening to the atmosphere. When the geothermal wells are put into production, using the inhibitor system and dosing units to the production wellheads has prevented the geothermal fluid from causing corrosion and silica deposits in the well, and this successful study has set an example for other companies investing in the sector.

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