Growing rapidly in the Energy sector as well as in the fields of Construction, Ready-Mixed Concrete, Medical Textile, Agriculture & nbsp; Menderes Jeotermal Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. Turkey’s special qualities is the first power plant that produces electricity with hot water. Therefore, the geothermal fluid, which transfers its heat on the earth, after re-injecting underground, warms up again and works in circulation, thus the “renewable” feature of the geothermal resource & nbsp; We can strongly mention that it protects.

It is also very important that the obtained fluid is beneficial for human health in terms of mineral content and properties and that it is suitable for use in health tourism.

Thanks to the use of geothermal resources, which is an environmentally friendly and renewable energy, we save 50 thousand tons of petroleum products per year at our DORA-1 and DORA-2 plants, and accordingly 35 thousand tons per year at DORA-1 plant and 45 thousand tons per year at DORA-2 plant. it is possible to achieve carbon dioxide emission reduction.

With this work, we emphasize the importance of working with nature, not against nature, but with nature. Today, we are unwittingly alienated from nature. & Nbsp; Therefore, it is one of our primary social responsibility activities to raise awareness of people about the balance between nature and human.

I would like to mention that the world-renowned Irish rock band U2, in order to reduce the impact of the carbon dioxide emission that occurred during the world tour, made the carbon credits of the Menderes Geothermal Dora-1 Power Plant in Aydın, which is owned by MB Holding. sells from the site.

Within the scope of the Kyoto Protocol signed in Kyoto, Japan in 1997 to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, institutions and organizations that produce less carbon dioxide compared to their peers are supported with carbon credits. In this context, the carbon credits of Menderes Geothermal Dora-1 Power Plant owned by MB Holding, which produces electricity with geothermal energy, which is one of the most environmentally friendly and green energy resources, are sold by the U2 Rock Group on the U2 360 Tour website. is a separate source of pride.

The & nbsp; All sectors and companies are carrying out awareness raising activities in the fields of environmentally friendly, renewable and green energy resources. With each passing day, we are working on environmental awareness to raise awareness of our staff at the point of integrating our main activities. In particular, recycling of domestic waste such as food, plastic, glass and & nbsp; As MB Holding, our employees are informed about all available energy resources.

If we talk about renewable resources, each country has its own resources and it is important for the economy of the country and especially in terms of reducing and preventing environmental pollution. In principle, in energy production, first of all, our natural and renewable resources should be used and brought into the country’s economy.

We should not forget that for a more livable world, renewable energy resources should be used. Therefore, we can realize our development by producing our own energy without harming our nature, and we can reduce our dependence on foreign sources.

With the direct disposal of domestic wastes in our country, & nbsp; groundwater pollution has become a major problem. & nbsp; As the most obvious reason, we can mention that urban and industrial wastes are transferred to groundwater depending on the climate, soil structure and time after being discharged to the environment. & Nbsp; While investigating the pollution of groundwater, first the pollution of the surface water that feeds it should be discussed. Today, pollution of surface waters is caused by natural or mostly industrial activities.

Domestic waste is an increasing problem, especially for big cities. The main wastes waiting to be solved in this matter are domestic water waste and solid wastes. Both wastes are discharged to receiving environments uncontrolled in many cities and it is forgotten that these pollutants will return to us with the resources we use after a while due to the geological cycle of the water.

Humanity has been struggling to overcome nature for a long time, in a frenzy of consuming, and we have forgotten that we are a part of nature. We look at nature in an anthropocentre, as if nature was created for humanity. However, we need to take care of the soil and the plants, animals and water that come with it as much as we take care of ourselves. We need to spread environmental awareness with the incentives of non-governmental organizations and consumer associations. We need to ensure that future generations deal with these concepts not only as a land issue but as a matter of their lives.

” With the hope of leaving a cleaner nature, streams and forests to future generations, & nbsp; everyone & nbsp; I congratulate the “World Environment Day”. ”

Yours sincerely,

Muharrem BALAT

MB Holding

Chairman of the Board