Under the coordination of İpekyolu Development Agency, the Renewable Energy Summit held in Adıyaman University rectorate conference hall with the contributions of Adıyaman Governorship, Adıyaman Municipality, Adıyaman University and Chamber of Commerce and Industry was very active.

Reviews energy outlook in the world and Turkey, yesterday-today and tomorrow of renewable energy sources, regulation of energy markets, developments and unlicensed production, President of the International Geothermal Association at the summit discussed financing of renewable energy applications and energy projects in the GAP Region and Chairman of the Board of Directors of MB Holding Muharrem Balat.

Reviews for establishing the title of the first special field having Geothermal Power Plant in Turkey, Muharrem Balat renewable energy sources; “In the field of geothermal, as MB Holding, after our Dora-1 power plant with an installed power of 8.5 MWe, we have built 11.5 MWe Dora-2 power plants and Dora-3 (34 MWe) geothermal power plants consisting of two units of 17 MWe and integrated to these plants. We have implemented the Sultan Sera facilities, where tomatoes are grown with the soilless farming technique established on land unfit for agriculture. Installed power 54 MWe & nbsp; We achieve 391 million kWh electricity generation and 200,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction with our current projects reaching a capacity. As you all know, geothermal energy is a renewable, clean and local resource. But how you use it is very important. While performing these operations, we take great care of nature. We know that the more we care about nature, the more affectionate nature will treat us. ”

Stating that they do not only have an environmentally friendly production in their facilities, they always want to do something better. “It is a very important issue for us to protect the environment and human health, to create and develop environmental awareness in individuals. So it is that our students make continuous power plants in our region hosts the disclosure of information about geothermal energy, we serve only in today’s Turkey is not the Turkey nor that our new generation of the future. “The geothermal resource will always be at the service of this country and will be the greatest legacy we can leave to our grandchildren.”

Muharrem Balat; “This resource we will leave to our grandchildren is much more precious than oil, natural gas and coal. After we built the Dora-1 power plant, we had a great struggle in the investment phase of geothermal energy. They said whether electricity can be produced from water. We welcomed the intellectuals. We said let’s do it all together. We said that we will obtain electrical energy from here, then we will open it to its integrated use, we will provide a huge business potential in this country. And as MB Holding, we always kept our promises. ”

Geothermal power plants and integrated investments Balat conveyed that Sultan Sera projects are also a social responsibility project; “In our projects, we attach great importance to employment, especially female employment, in order to increase the income of the people living in rural areas, to increase their welfare level and to transform the natural resources in the region into economic benefits. “It is very important for women to be included in the economy for the future of the country.”