Dora-1, Dora 2 and Dora-3 geothermal fields, operating under MB Holding and operated by Menderes Geothermal Elektrik Üretim A.Ş., hosted 7th and 8th grade students studying at Private Aydın Bahçeşehir College. 2012-2013 academic year events Geothermal energy and its benefits were explained to the students who were made aware of renewable energy resources.

Bahçeşehir College students, who received information from the authorities on geothermal energy, which is the best resource among environmentally friendly, renewable and green energy resources, had the opportunity to visit the power plant in detail by learning about the purpose and history of the power plants.

During the technical tour, the officials stated that the working principle of the power plant is that the geothermal fluid that transfers its heat to the earth is re-injected underground and re-works in circulation, and that the geothermal resource maintains its “renewable” feature. In the information, it was stated that the geothermal fluid produced from wells during electricity generation was re-injected back into the underground after being used in a closed circuit system; It was stated that it is possible to protect the geothermal resource in this way and the plant does not cause any harm to the environment. It was pointed out that the fluid obtained from the Salâvatlı geothermal field on Dora-1, Dora-2 and Dora-3 is beneficial for human health in terms of mineral content and properties and is suitable for use in health tourism.

After the geothermal fluid and steam reached the facility, the students learned about the mechanisms by which these two substances heat the liquid called Pentane, how the heated pentane rotates the turbines and the electricity generation stages of the generator, and how the geothermal power plants operate.

Emphasizing the importance of utilizing geothermal energy, which is a hundred percent domestic resource, in electricity generation, MEGE A.Ş. officials also talked about the importance of bringing geothermal energy, our renewable equity, which has been ignored until today, into the economy instead of investing in foreign-dependent energy resources. During technical trip in Aydin, Turkey, that Turkey’s renewable energy potential in terms of its rich geothermal resources in the world was underlined. Finally, general information was given about Sultan Sera, an affiliate of MB Holding, by highlighting the benefits of geothermal on greenhouse cultivation.

After the tour, the students who took a souvenir photo with the team of MEGE A.Ş.