Menderes Geothermal Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. has claimed the injured Black Şahin who was shot in the wing. Şahin’s treatment and rehabilitation process continues.

After being shot in the wing by unknowing poachers in Aydın’s Sultanhisar district, Yaralı Kara Şahin, who fell into the garden of the Menderes Geothermal Geothermal Power Plant operating in the same region and was found by the plant employees, was protected by the environmentally friendly employees of the plant.

After being shot in the wing on a rainy day, the injured Şahin was taken to the Animal Hospital of the Adnan Menderes University Veterinary Faculty in Efeler district by the worker in the plant where he fell into his garden. Here, it was determined that Şahin, who was first treated, was 2 years old and was injured in his wing with a rifle cartridge.

“Kanatger”, which was founded by the students of the faculty, will stay at ADU Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Nature Bird Conservation and Rehabilitation Center until they recover. Community, all treatment and care expenses of the injured Şahin will be covered by MB Holding.

ADU Veterinary Faculty Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases Department Lecturer Specialist Veterinary Onur Tatlı, who is the consultant of the Kanatger community, said that in terms of nutrition of Black Hawks and where she lives & nbsp; Since it is a bird that adapts very well to the environment, it is widespread in mountains, plains, from the wildest parts of nature to large cities. He pointed out that because of these features, they can sometimes be the target of thoughtless people, and that every living thing in nature is a part of the ecological system and that the slightest damage to one of the parts will actually be a great damage to the system and therefore to humanity itself. Dessert; “We made the first treatment of the injured Şahin here. He has no broken wing, but he probably won’t be able to fly for 7-8 months due to the wound he has received.

I think we will restore our Şahin to a natural life after his treatment in our rehabilitation center. He ended his speech by saying, “I would like to thank all our physicians in charge and MB Holding and their employees who carried out the treatment and care of injured Şahin.”