The foundation of the DORA-3 Geothermal Power Plant affiliated to Menderes Geothermal Elektrik Üretim A.Ş., one of the Group Companies of MB Holding, was laid with the participation of Taner Yıldız, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, and Fatma Şahin, Minister of Family and Social Policies. supply contract was concluded yesterday. Aydin Governor Kerem Al, MB Holding Chairman Muharrem Balat and Ormat Systems Ltd. Company Chairman of the Board, Lucien Bronıchı attended.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, MB Holding A.Ş. Chairman of the Board of Directors Muharrem Balat said, “It is a social responsibility for us to ensure healthy operation of enterprises in geothermal fields and to ensure resource sustainability and renewability. As it is known, underground resources belong to the public. Geothermal resources are the resource type suitable for integrated use. Geothermal power plants are facilities that reduce carbon dioxide CO2 emissions.

At the same time, geothermal resources have infinite lifetimes if they are operated under suitable conditions. Geothermal fluid is produced underground and injected back underground. For this reason, they certainly do not create environmental pollution. Geothermal energy is a clean energy source due to its lack of consumption like fossil fuels. Energy that is not dependent on outside is national. A national energy source is cheap. Geothermal resource should be constantly monitored, properly operated and the resource should have an infinite life ”and signed the contract.


Muharrem Balat answered the questions asked after the signature; Stating that in the DORA-3 Project, the existing geothermal field potential will be developed, the country’s economy will gain a new dynamism and the foreign currency inputs spent for oil will decrease as well as the reduction of air pollution; “DORA-3 Geothermal Power Plant Project consists of 2 units of 17 MWe power and has a total installed power of 34 MWe. According to the deadline schedule of the project, the 1st unit is planned to start trial production and start commercial production in April 2013.

2. the unit will start commercial production in October 2013. With the commissioning of DORA-3, which will generate 220,000,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity per year with a capacity of 34 MWe (megawatt), the total installed power capacity of MEGE A.Ş. is 55 MWe, and the total annual electrical energy production amount is It will have increased to 350,000,000 kWh. Spoke as “.

Balat ends his words as follows; ‘Geothermal power plant investment in our environmentally friendly, clean, evaluating geothermal energy resources and renewable green energy source, MB Holding We want to leave a nice trail to Turkey.’ ‘He said.

After the speeches, Ormat Systems Ltd. Company Chairman Lucien Bronıchı presented gifts to Aydın Governor Kerem Al and MB Holding Board Chairman Muharrem Balat as a memory of such a day. The signing ceremony ended with the dinner given.