MB Holding, which is active in the body and the Menderes Geothermal Electricity Generation Company run by Dora-2 geothermal field and greenhouse Ketenyeri Sultan Primary School, one of Turkey’s most modern glasshouse hosted students. Geothermal energy and its benefits were explained to the students who attended the trip with their teacher Didem Yılmaz.

Ketenyeri Primary School 1., 2., 3. , 4. Class students visited Dora – 2 Geothermal Power Plant affiliated with MB Holding and under Menderes Geothermal Elektrik Üretim. The children, who saw a geothermal power plant for the first time in their lives, had an exciting and enjoyable technical trip to MB Holding facilities.

The students, who listened to the process of generating energy from geothermal, which is an environmentally friendly, local, renewable and sustainable energy source, asked MEGE A.Ş Operation Manager Herkan Uçak accompanied by their teacher Didem Yılmaz.

Telling primary school students how geothermal energy comes out, its benefits for our country, and how tomatoes are grown in the greenhouse, Uçak expressed that they were very happy with the guests, and the children were both surprised and curious when they saw the plants and the greenhouse.

Mentioning the importance of primary school education during the visit, MB Holding Chairman Muharrem Balat stated that it is of great importance for children to be raised with a certain environmental awareness and that it is a mission for the holding to instill this awareness in children. Balat said, “Ketenyeri Primary School is a very valuable school.

We have witnessed many times how much the teacher Didem Hanım fought for the education of the children in this school. She is a very self-sacrificing and exemplary teacher who is very interested in her students. We thank him for his contribution in raising the new generation. Primary education is basic education. The more solidly basic information is placed on a child, the more our country will develop. We can enlighten our future with education, so if we were able to provide information to our children here today, we are happy if we have any benefit in this sense, ”he said.

Stating that he is doing his best to leave a clean environment to future generations, Balat stated that the doors of geothermal facilities are always open to all educational institutions. Stating that they are waiting for the children to visit again, he congratulated the teachers for this trip and sent the student group to their schools.