MB Holding has signed a principle of non-public schools in Turkey. Recognized with the importance they attach to education, MB Holding presented an enriched (Z) library to the Fitnat Nihat Azizler Primary School in Aydın’s Efeler District.

Aydin Efeler in the District Primary School Fitnat Nihat Saints in Turkey and not in any public school in our library Aydin, built by MB Holding, has opened to the students of the services. Efeler District Governor İzzettin Sevgili, Deputy Provincial Director of National Education Tansel Sarayköylüoğlu, Efeler District Director of National Education Mustafa Özmen, Head of the MB Holding Board of Directors and Senior Civil Engineer Muharrem Balat, Aydın Commodity Exchange Chairman Adnan Bosnalı, Private Kavaklı Anadolu High School Founding Director Süleyman Çokay, Commodity Exchange Council President Bahri Erdem, Fitnat Nihat Azizler Primary School Director Tahir Sarıtepe, teachers, students and parents attended.

Expressing that the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MB Holding, Muharrem Balat, has given great support to them in education and other fields since the day he came to the district, Efeler District Governor İzzettin Sevgili said, “It is necessary not to talk about such aids. But we sometimes make such openings to set an example for others. The contributions of the library to our students and teachers will be great. If we ensure that the parents of the students come to this library, we will contribute to the enlightenment of our country. I wish our library to be auspicious and thank you to Mr. Muharrem Balat ”.

MB Holding Board Chairman Muharrem Balat, who has carried out many social responsibility projects in the field of education so far; “The purpose of us to undertake such a service is that we wish the youth to become a researcher rather than a rote youth. We should contribute to the sprouting of new saplings all over the country by raising research students. Let’s not forget that a world without books leads people to ignorance.

Ignorance is the worst enemy of people and societies. The person who reads is more knowledgeable and of course more successful. Thanks to the books, both your thoughts improve and your ability of expression will improve. Therefore, the love of reading books and the library habit should be given to children from an early age. It is necessary to protect books and libraries for a bright future. I hope our service will set an example for other schools. And our brothers who graduate here make such contributions to their old schools. ” said.

School Principal Tahir Sarıtepe stated that the Enriched Library came to life as a first in Aydın and that the library, which provides support to the student whenever he / she wishes by enriching it with internet service and digital book contents, will also serve adults. the chance to work with its contents is provided.

On behalf of the teacher, student and our neighborhood, I would like to thank MB Holding Chairman Muharrem Balat for bringing such a library to our school.
The Opening Ceremony ended with a thank you plaque and a photo shoot.