Participation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the end of August of the first phase of Dora 3, the third power plant of Menderes Geothermal Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. (MEGE), which is a subsidiary of MB Holding and has been operating in the geothermal energy sector since 1999. will be operational with.

On May 12, 2012, with the participation of Fatma Şahin, the Minister of Family and Social Policies, and Taner Yıldız, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, the first phase of the Dora 3 Geothermal Power Plant with an installed capacity of 34 MWe was completed in August. It is planned to start producing electricity.

MB Holding and MEGE Board Chairman, International Geothermal Energy Union President Mr. Muharrem Balat gave the following information:

“We have come a long way in the past 14 years on the road we started by establishing MEGE in 1999. & nbsp; We have come to us and Turkey to fully walk with caution and surely a matter which is foreign today’s first stage of commissioning Dora 3 points. & Nbsp; When we get to the circuit Dora 1 in 2006 the first company in Turkey operating in the geothermal area we have i. & Nbsp;

By waking up the sleeping giant and drawing attention to the geothermal fields, we caused the government to enter nearly $ 1 billion in resources, today there are 15 companies operating in the field of geothermal. & nbsp; & nbsp; In 2006, Turkey’s geothermal production capacity & nbsp; While it was 15 MWe, it has increased to 158 MWe today. & Nbsp; It is a rightful pride for us to be a pioneer in this regard.

The International Geothermal Energy Association’m currently holds the Presidency also continues to work on different platforms in uncovering potential in Turkey.

After Dora 1 with 8.5 MWe power, we commissioned Dora 2 with 11.5 MWe power in 2010. & nbsp; 2 circuit with the introduction Dora interest in geothermal in Turkey, relevance and, more importantly, confidence has increased rapidly. & nbsp;

As an organization that always follows the principle of advancing confidently in our investments, we are ready to commission Dora 3, which will have a total capacity of 34 MWe, after the observation and preparation process. Hopefully, as of the end of August, with the possible participation of our Prime Minister, we will put the 17 MWe first stage of Dora 3 into the service of the country.

It is worth mentioning that geothermal investments are very important investments for our country and our nation. & nbsp; Since geothermal resources are the local resources of the country, it reduces the dependence on foreign energy. & Nbsp; You know, if you are not in a position to pass on energy imports, imports, Turkey’s exports. & Nbsp; By using geothermal resources, we have some contribution in overcoming this deficit. & Nbsp;

When the second phase of the Dora 3 is also activated, we will have an annual energy production of approximately 400 million KWh with a total capacity of 55 MWe. & nbsp; This capacity will be increased up to 72 MWe with the Dora 4 with 17 MWe power, which we plan to commission at the end of 2014. & nbsp; This means that 32 million dollars of petroleum products and / or natural gas will remain in the country’s pocket. & Nbsp; In 10 years, this figure reaches 320 million dollars.

Among the renewable energy sources, geothermal resources, which stand out as a “base energy source”, enable uninterrupted energy generation 24/7/365, contribute to energy supply security, and also draw attention with their environmentally friendly, renewable and sustainable features. & nbsp;

Geothermal energy, which is a renewable energy source, provides a reduction of 32,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year in the DORA-1 project, 45,000 tons in the DORA-2 project, and 110,000 tons in the DORA-3 project. & nbsp; Dora GPPs, which reduce the carbon dioxide emission released during energy production compared to carbon fuels, also benefit from the carbon emission reduction grant.

With these features, Dora 3 was chosen as a model project by the World Bank and the project was published on the World Bank website. They even sold the carbon credits of the Dora – 1 geothermal power plant on their official website in order to contribute to the environment and reduce the carbon dioxide emission impact of the world tour concerts on their website.

National Energy Forum on “2050 Sustainable Living Commitment and National Energy Energy Awards 2002” project with stripped MEKE among many projects – Turkey’s first private geothermal power plant project “National Energy Technology Project Award” was awarded.

As in all the investments we make, we take care to carry out projects in harmony with the environment and society in our investments in the field of geothermal. We send all the fluid that we extract to the earth through wells for energy back to the reservoir with re-injection wells. While this ensures that the production is environmentally friendly, it also makes it possible that the resource does not lose its edible feature. “

Talking about the integrated investments in geothermal, MB Holding Board Chairman Muharrem Balat continued his words as follows: “As I have just mentioned, geothermal is a special resource in many ways. It is possible to use the geothermal fluid, whose temperature drops to approximately 80 degrees Celsius after electricity generation, in greenhouse heating – provided that it does not damage the source – and then in city district heating and health tourism. Heated geothermal power plant as an integrated In this context, Turkey’s first and most modern integrated geothermal heated greenhouse Sultan Sera A.Ş. It was put into operation in the Aydın Province Köşk District in October 2011.

It is planned to expand the geothermal resource heated greenhouse project, which was established on inactive lands that is not suitable for agriculture, only women who did not have social security before, and currently has an area of ​​41,400 m2, to 160,000 m2 in the short term.

Muharrem Balat said, “Our investments in the field of geothermal have reached the level of approximately 200 million Dollars. Including the integrations, this figure reaches 220 million dollars. All this investment is an investment in our country and contributes significantly to employment. Our goal is to continue our investments in a stable and cautious manner. Now, there are the Dora 4 power plant with an installed capacity of 17 MWe and other integrated investments in geothermal. While developing our investments in geothermal energy, a healthy growth in the construction, medical textile, agriculture and construction materials sectors we are in as a Holding is our biggest goal and desire for the future. he concluded his words.