The geothermal fluid in 1999 in Aydin, ensure the generation of electricity from environmentally friendly and renewable resources and established in order to contribute to the national economy, Turkey’s first private geothermal power plant Menderes Geothermal Electricity Generation Inc. within DORA-1, DORA-2, DORA -3 and in the geothermal greenhouse investment area where approximately 400 people will be employed in the same region;

T.C. A trip was organized with the participation of the Minister of Finance Mr. Mehmet Şimşek, Gaziantep and Aydın Deputies, Gaziantep Governor Süleyman Kamçı, Aydın Governor Hüseyin Avni Coş, İzmir Governor Cahit Kıraç and Mayors. & Nbsp; & nbsp;
Organized by MB Holding, & nbsp; During the trip, which aims to inform about geothermal power plants and greenhouse investment, Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek laid the foundation of the geothermal greenhouse area where 400 people will be employed.

MB Holding Chairman Muharrem Balat gave information about power plant and greenhouse investments, saying that many people in the region will find job opportunities especially with the greenhouse investment.

BALAT; “Investment studies in Aydın region, & nbsp; still we have established in this region, Turkey’s first private geothermal power plant is a continuation Dora-1. & nbsp; With a second investment (DORA-2) on the site of the MEGE DORA-1 power plant, which has been successfully producing electricity since mid-2006, we have doubled our capacity to generate electrical energy from geothermal energy. & Nbsp;

As a result of our investments and studies on geothermal energy, which is an environmentally friendly and alternative energy source, we are happy to reduce our country’s external dependency and to lead other investors. & nbsp; As an integral investment of our investments in generating electrical energy from geothermal energy, he said, “As the holding, we are very pleased to lay the foundation of our investment in Sultan Sera, which is an Organized Greenhouse Zone Heated by Geothermal Energy.”

Eco-friendly, renewable and green energy sources are among the best source of information & nbsp regarding geothermal, Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek, Turkey’s export is dependent country and said they wanted to close the gap in energy with the use of geothermal resources. & nbsp; Minister Şimşek “We are the country with the 7th largest geothermal resources in the world.

Turkey is a country dependent on foreign energy. If we get rid of dependence on foreign energy, not a problem because the current account deficit in Turkey. We are making an intense effort for this. We will build at least one or two nuclear power plants in the next 5-10 years. this is so important for us. Turkey’s nuclear energy, wind energy map was created for the first time this year.

We have a great need for investors. Because they provide jobs for our young people. As a state, we are always with the investor. In general, we look really good Reviews position in Turkey. In the past, the slightest incident and crisis, Turkey was shaken. We are a country that has come back from the brink of cliff several times, but today we are a country with the strongest economy in the world. In his speech, Şimşek, who spoke highly of MB Holding Board Chairman Muharrem Balat, thanked Balat for his investments.