The Global Geothermal Alliance was established to increase the global share of geothermal energy with the participation of 38 countries at the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris, the capital of France. International Geothermal Association in Alliance Partners including Turkey where it’s at.

The decision taken by 38 country representatives of the Global Geothermal Association was signed to increase the electrical energy generated from geothermal energy, a cleaner and safer resource for future generations, by 500 percent (%) from its current level by 2030.

Expressing that the conference held in Paris is a step for the whole world, International Geothermal Energy Union President and MB Holding Board Chairman Muharrem Balat said; “Despite the fact that there are geothermal resources detected in 90 countries all over the world, only 24 of these countries produce geothermal electricity.

This corresponds to 6% of the estimated global geothermal energy potential. “We would like to announce that we give the green light to all kinds of support and partnerships to develop geothermal energy.”


Balat; “Geothermal exploration studies in our country gained momentum in the early 1960s. Electricity was generated from geothermal energy with the classical steam turbine application in 1984 in the Kızıldere geothermal field by the state.

Following this application, Dora-1 GPP, which is the first private sector geothermal power plant facility of our country and realized by the private sector, with an installed capacity of 8.5 MWe, was commissioned in 2006. We opened Dora-2 power plant with 11.5 MWe installed power in 2008, and then Dora-3 Unit-1 and Dora-3 Unit-2 with 34 MWe power in 2014. We are planning to commission Dora-4, which will have an installed power of 17 MWe, as of 2016. Currently, MB Holding’s total installed geothermal electricity power has reached 54 MWe.

We encountered many obstacles on this difficult road we started. We have obtained the authority to generate electricity for the Dora-1 power plant, aiming to meet the energy of our spinning factory in Gaziantep. Subsequently, when opening Dora-1, free electricity generation law came out. Thus, we had the chance to sell our electricity to TEİAŞ. Dora-1 plant every step we made our own knowledge and experience because before becoming a model in Turkey, Turkey, has opened the horizons of geothermal, “he said.

Expressing that the effects of climate change can be reduced with geothermal energy, Muharrem Balat; “In geothermal energy, besides generating electrical energy, utilization of heat energy, integrated use feature increases the emission reduction value of the resource many times. When we look at the decision taken on geothermal resources at the 21st Meeting of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change held in Paris, we see that this practice has already become a state policy in the last 15-20 years.

With the increase in the use of geothermal potential in our country, the installed power of electricity generation from geothermal energy has increased by 300% in the last two years. As of today, 615 MWe GPP installed power has been reached. I would like to underline that our country has the potential to improve its geothermal energy. If we think about our future, we should bring these resources to light and ensure that the incentives and supports given to geothermal energy sources are increased in addition to cooperation. When our goals to keep Turkey will be settled as 3rd in the world in geothermal energy production.

This shows us how the right path is. The statements we made and the goals we set while deciding to serve and invest in this field 10 years ago have become international targets at the Paris Conference today. Our new goal is to leave a green mark on the world and to establish a clean future for new generations. In order to achieve this goal, we can travel all over the world, establish power plants or encourage people for geothermal energy, ”he said.


Referring to the importance of the declaration held in Paris and stating that they will overcome the obstacles to geothermal energy with unity and solidarity, Balat, President of the International Geothermal Energy Union; “One of the smartest steps that can be taken in this regard is unity. Experience cooperation and healthy coordination among stakeholders will remove the obstacles to the development of geothermal energy.

On this path, set out with the principle that unity is power, we, as the International Geothermal Energy Union, will support the Global Geothermal Alliance and increase the use of this environmentally friendly, clean and renewable energy source all over the world. In this context, we will support stakeholders in geothermal policies, regulations, technologies and financing areas by reducing exploration, drilling, investment and operational risks in order to best complement the different advantages offered by different stakeholders.

In geothermal Stating that after their investments, they often asked him if he would invest in other energy resources, Balat said; “A rose without geothermal bloom. Our aim is to develop and evaluate such a valuable resource first. If we use geothermal energy carefully, it will never lose its renewable qualities and will not fade. It stays loyal to you and your country. That’s why I want to help develop geothermal, instead of tackling other resources, ”he concluded.