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Company Profile

Menderes Geothermal Elektrik Uretim A.S. was established in 1999 and its headquarters are in Aydın.  It is an investment company founded for the purpose of meeting electricity need of MB Holding establishments amongst others, by producing electricity from geothermal energy.

The Dora-1 Geothermal Energy Plant of 8.5 MWe capacity, which went into operation in May 2006, is of significance for being the first private geothermal energy plant in Turkey and, thus, is a source of great pride for MB Holding. Following the Dora-2 which went into operation in 2010; in 2013, Dora-3; and, in 2016, Dora-4 are scheduled to come into play.

The plant uses the air-cooled Binary System-Organic Rankine Cycle system which is used widely in 35 countries in the world as the technology of choice for electricity production from geothermal energy.  Our company utilizes the thermal heat between 170°C and 78°C of the 170°C geothermal fluid attained from the existing AS-1 and AS-2 production wells at the Aydın, Sultanhisar-Salavatli Geothermal Field. The geothermal fluid is transferred through heat exchangers and the heat energy of the geothermal fluid is transmitted to hydrocarbon, the secondary fluid, to produce electricity.

The vaporized secondary fluid produced electricity via the turbine and the generator.  At the end of the process, the geothermal fluid cooled down to 78°C, is pumped back into the reservoir through the ASR-1 re-injection well. Thus, the reservoir parameters are maintained and sustainable.  Additionally, the waste heat resulting from the production of electrical energy is utilized within the integrated plant.

At the plant, environmental pollution is out of the question owing to the implementation of re-injection and the geothermal fluid is never exposed to the atmosphere.  Also, inhibitors and dosage pumps at every well prevent corrosion and silisium subsidence inside the well. 

Company Profile