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Our primary objective is to perform all of our works, within the scope of product quality, Occupational Health & Safety and environmental consciousness; and considering all of the parties, related to our operations, such as our employees, suppliers and the experience of our corporation.
In order to achieve this goal, we ensure performing the activities below;

Providing customer satisfaction at the highest level by measuring customer requests and complains;

Providing the service activity that we undertake by using the most convenient material and labor, on the time and completely; by obeying to the rules of Occupational Health & Safety and preventing occupational accidents and illness, alongside with protecting environment;
Protection of the natural resources, decreasing their use by using raw materials, materials and energy resources effectively and productively, minimizing the amount of the waste that emerge as the result of our activities and recycling when it is convenient;
Keeping the convenient infrastructure, working environment and equipment for the performed activities, providing high-quality materials which are also convenient for the Occupational Health & Safety and to protect environment;
In parallel with the subjects that the changing business and regulations require, review and improve the Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental performance and accordingly cooperate with the laws and other conditions, also following-up the technological development;
Providing the necessary trainings to have the employees, related parties gain knowledge about quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environment;
To create a consciousness about Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environment, meeting the conditions of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 system and continuously improve the effectiveness of hereby system, are under the responsibility of primarily us, the Senior Administration of MENDERES Geothermal Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. and all of the employees.